The Scientific civil non-profit company Micro&Nano (VAT number 999453437, headquarters in Agia Paraskevi) aspires to be a catalyst for the technological and financial utilization of the Greek Scientific capital in the area of ​​Digital Technologies of Micro(Nano)electronics and Micro(Nano)technology and in particular in the sectors:

  • Micro(Nano)electronics
  • Micro(Nano)photonics
  • Nanotechnology-Nanomanufacturing
  • Integrated circuits and systems
  • (Bio)Microsystems
  • (Bio)Sensors and IoT
  • Labs on a chip/ Microfluidics

The scientific company Micro&Nano accepts Members, Research Institutes, Laboratories, Academic Institutions, Businesses as "Organizers", but also "individuals" including postgraduate students.

To register as a member (individuals or entities) of the scientific society Micro&Nano and pay your application fee, please click on the link below

micro nano