The Scientific Society Micro&Nano has been founded in 2004

as a civil non-profit non-governmental organization and is governed by the provisions of articles 741-748 of the Civil Code. Founding members of the company were 6 academic bodies and 65 Scientists/natural persons.

Today, the company brings together the entire academic community of the country and several technocrats and companies active in the scientific field of Digital Technologies, Micro(Nano)electronics and Micro(Nano)technology and in particular in the fields of:

  • Micro(Nano)electronics
  • Micro(Nano)photonics
  • Nanotechnology-Nanomanufacturing
  • Integrated circuits and systems
  • (Bio)Microsystems
  • (Bio)Sensors and IoT
  • Labs on a chip/ Microfluidics

More specifically, the scope is:

the promotion of the scientific branch of Digital Technologies and in particular the contribution to the promotion of research in the above fields as well as their applications, in the interaction and coordinated actions of participating agencies with the aim of interdisciplinary treatment of the field, in the expansion of cooperation between Research Centers, Universities, and industries, in education and training, in the dissemination and exploitation of knowledge, the transfer of technology as well as in the popularization of knowledge with the aim of raising public awareness.

years in the field of Nanotechnology


academic bodies


indivisual persons

scientific fields

spin-off companies

In order to fulfill its goals, Mikro&Nano is active in the following:

Organization of international conferences, summer schools, education/training seminars, workshops and exhibitions

Transfer and exploitation of knowledge, support for start-ups and spin-off companies. Expanding cooperation between Research Centers, Universities, and industry.

Development and operation of databases with academic/research bodies and doctoral/diplomatic - bachelor's theses 

Issuance of a newsletter and its electronic circulation

Mikro&Nano as a representative of Academic and Research Institutions of industries and spin-off companies can act as a catalyst in promoting the interconnection of research, education and training with industry and the promotion of research products through technology transfer, for the benefit of the country's economy and society.

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