Organization of international conferences

and summer schools, education/training seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Development and operation of databases

with the academic/research bodies active in the relevant field and existing equipment and know-how.

Development and operation of databases

with doctoral/diplomatic and degree theses prepared/being prepared in Greece, as well as relevant announcements and new positions.

Issuing a newsletter

and its electronic distribution.

Undertaking studies on Micro-Nanotechnology, Digital Technologies

(material science, technology-processes,construction of digital devices and systems, (bio) sensors-electronic-photonic devices, circuits, micro-nano-bio-systems).

Contribution to dissemination

of knowledge as well as popularizing knowledge with the aim of raising public awareness.

Collaboration and data sharing

between its members as well as with similar companies or organizations in Greece or abroad.

Transfer and exploitation of knowledge

Support for start-ups and spin-off companies. Expanding cooperation between Research Centers, Universities, and industry.

Micro&Nano consists of
academic bodies and
research & academic laboratories,
spin-off companies,

years in the field of Nanotechnology

scientific conferences

scientific fields


Micro&Nano's ambition is to be a catalyst and a framework for the dynamic synthesis of the Greek forces of Education, Research, Technology and Industry (start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises) so that they can actively respond to international demands and contribute decisively to the technological and economic exploitation of the Greek Scientific capital in the area of Digital Technologies of ​​Micro(Nano)electronics and Micro(Nano)technology and in particular in the sections:

◎    Micro(Nano)electronics
◎    Micro(Nano)photonics
◎    Nanotechnology-Nanomanufacturing
◎    Integrated circuits and systems
◎    (Bio)Microsystems
◎    (Bio)Sensors and IoT
◎    Lab on a chip/ Microfluidics

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